DON’T PANIC FILMS is a film production studio composed of a small number of multi-talented filmmakers and photographers. Since 2001, DON’T PANIC has brought quality underground music to audiences all over the world, through our extensive knowledge of the Northern Scandinavian music scenes. With a branch already established in the United States and Canada, DON'T PANIC has developed its primary headquarters in the beautiful and remote country of Iceland.

The primary mission of DON’T PANIC FILMS is to raise awareness and knowledge of Iceland’s extraordinary musical, art and cultural scenes. What many might not realize about Iceland is that there is so much raw and undiscovered musical talent that oftentimes flies under the radar in countries beyond these ashen, volcanic shores.

Through professional music videos, documentaries, still photography, graphic design, and weekly television episodes, we are pleased to lend a hand to Iceland’s musicians and artists in having their work heard and enjoyed worldwide.

Outside of Iceland, the primary focus of DON’T PANIC is creating music videos and documentaries for a worldwide market. We collaborate with global powerhouses such as National Geographic and Red Bull, and have worked with clients ranging from Ólafur Arnalds and Dolly Parton, to Alan Rickman and Leonard Cohen. Also, we are proud to work regularly with Sagafilm, one of the largest production studios in the entire country, as well as Labrador Iceland, and the Icelandair airline.

DON’T PANIC offers the complete, professional production experience, led by knowledgeable and accomplished directors, cinematographers and photographers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Með kveðju/Best regards,